Course detail: CSR2 - Confined Space Rescue Level 1 and 2 Training

Confined Space Rescue Level 1 and 2 is a three-day course (one additional day for testing) designed to help employers meet OSHA standard 1910.146 Subpart (k) Rescue & Emergency Services, and NFPA Standard 1006 on confined space rescue. Topics covered include requirements for working in confined spaces, confined space entry permits, attendant and entrant responsibilities, atmospheric monitoring, patient retrieval systems, victim removal and methods to complete lock out and tag out of energy isolation systems, allowing for safe entry by rescuers.

Student Provided Text: Confined Space Entry and Rescue Manual (Revised Second Edition) Published by CMC (2012) or contact Kansan Fire & Rescue Training Institute Program Manager for alternate resource.

Students need to bring a SCBA ensemble, a fit tested mask, gloves, and helmet.

Course pre-requisites
(required) Intro to Tech Rescue Online
(required) Intro to Tech Rescue Part 2

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Course Resources
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