Course detail: TECH1070 - Online Certificate in Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Technology-based systems are vital to the operation of modern industrial plants. However, these systems also have vulnerabilities, and can be compromised via cyber-attacks. Become the go-to professional for your operation's cybersecurity needs with this online, on-demand certificate course. Learn the types of computer-based devices, systems, and networks used in modern industrial plants, as well as the ways in which these elements can be compromised via cyber-attacks. This course also provides the opportunity to build risk management techniques that improve your plant's cybersecurity.

Participants in this training program will learn:

  • Trends in industrial security incidents and the sources of cyber threats
  • Areas of their plants susceptible to cyber threats
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis methodologies
  • Foundations of an effective long term security program
  • Principles behind the key risk mitigation techniques, including firewalls, virtual private networks, and personnel hardening
  • ANSI/ISA99 industrial security guidelines and how they apply to your operation
  • Principles of security policy development

Who Should Enroll

The certificate will benefit SCADA engineers, IT architects, data systems engineers, instrumentation and control systems professionals, operations engineers, and systems and network security personnel. It is applicable to those involved in energy generation, transmission, and distribution; water/wastewater; large manufacturing and industrial facilities; and mining industries.

You can enroll and start at any time. You can take up to six months to complete the course at your own pace, even if you finish after July 1, 2019

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Online Certificate in Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems Course Information (PDF Document)
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