Course detail: TECH2100 - Maintenance Planning and Scheduling


In Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, participants build a work management program based on Reliability Excellence best practices. The course is designed for a Lead Planner or Department Manager to establish a proactive work management program or to transform an existing program into an effective, results-producing department that positively impacts maintenance costs, plant reliability measures and employee morale.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling examines topics like designing a work management program strategy, developing standard processes and work, establishing program measures, managing staff development, and planning program improvement. Learners will walk away with a solid foundation for an effective maintenance work management program.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the business case for proactive work management
  • Build a work management process flow chart and responsibility matrix
  • Draft a work management program strategy: objectives, key performance measures, targets, reporting and monitoring methods
  • Develop governing principles and standard procedures for CMMS data entry and use
  • Outline a management of change process for job plans
  • Describe a disciplined approach to managing work for a planned shutdown
  • Develop an implementation plan to establish or transforma planning program, including:
    • Establishing program standards and templates
    • Incorporating visual management into your program
    • Job performance feedback and continuous improvement
    • Backlog management
    • Managing the people side of change (change management)
  • Develop an audit and continuous improvement strategy for the planning program
    • How trends in manufacturing and technology impact planning/scheduling
    • How the planner interacts with failure data and root cause analysis efforts
    • How equipment criticality and risk management influence maintenance strategy
  • Build performance management and development strategies for planning personnel

Who Should Attend

    People in the following roles should participate in this training:

    • Lead and Senior Planners
    • Planning Department Managers
    • Maintenance Managers
    • Reliability Change Agents
    • ReliabilityManagers
    • ContinuousImprovement Managers

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    Course Resources
    Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course Information (PDF Document)
    KU Life Cycle Institute Catalog 2020-2021 (PDF Document)

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