Course detail: Principles of Sustainability Management

You can enroll and start at any time. You can take up to four months to complete the course at your own pace.


This self-paced online course covers the challenges that necessitate the move toward sustainability. Definitions and interpretations of "sustainability" are presented. Finally, the role that sustainability can play in development is described.


Attendees will learn to:

  • Describe the emerging challenges that increasingly have a measurable, detrimental effect on the environment.
  • Give a working definition of "sustainability" and illustrate "sustainable development."
  • Identify possible direct and indirect environmental impacts of a given project.
  • Understand the social, economic, and legal issues which drive sustainability development.
  • Distinguish between renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • Describe the relationship between resiliency and sustainability and give examples of resilient engineering designs.


Who should enroll?

The program is designed for anyone who wants to make sustainability an important part of their organization's operations - no prior background or experience in sustainability is necessary. Attendees will be better positioned to contribute to their organization's financial wellbeing while alleviating the negative environmental impact of their operation.

Download the certificate information PDF, which is linked below. It describes the full course content and requirements.

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