Course detail: TECH1120 - Online Certificate in Safety Instrumented Systems

The Online Certificate in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) is an instructor-led live-online program consisting of four modules which cover the different aspects of the SIS life cycle in the standard ISA/IEC-61511. The program covers engineering requirements, design, analysis, evaluation, and maintenance of the systems. Besides learning the technical standards, students will gain practical insight from the instructor's years of experience in industry.

The course material, when combined with the required industry experience, will aid students to successfully pass the Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE/CFSP) examinations. The course material will also help students to enter into the field of instrumented safety systems or to better perform their work if they are already in the field.


Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between process control and safety control
  • Understand the complete SIS life cycle as outlined in ISA/IEC61511
  • Select safety integrity levels
  • Evaluate a safety instrumented system
  • Design, test and install a safety instrumented system
  • Maintain and secure a safety instrumented system

Who should enroll:

  • Engineers and technicians who are responsible for designing, installing, operating, and/or maintaining safety instrumented systems
  • Process safety engineers
  • Plant risk analysts
  • Operators and maintenance technicians
  • Anyone preparing for the Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE/CFSP) certification examinations

Schedule: Dates will be announced later in 2020

Module 1 - Introduction to SIS

Module 2 - SIS Design

Module 3 - Engineering and Testing

Module 4 - Operations and Maintenance


All online sessions are recorded, so those who miss them or want to watch again can view the recordings.

Learn more about the course content and delivery by downloading the information document found below under Course Resources.


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Course Resources
U.S. Federal Employee Discount (PDF Document)
Online Certificate in Safety Instrumented Systems Course Information (PDF Document)

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