Course detail: TECH1010 - Process Instrumentation & Control Module 1 - Sensors and Symbology

Module 1 - Sensors and Symbology 


This course focuses on the selection and implementation of measurement and control devices for process automation applications. You will gain a stronger understanding of how to assess, compare, and select the various methods of measurement and control.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of process instrumentation and control (PIC), including different control functions, types of control loops, and continuous vs. discrete control.
  • Recognize the identifications and symbols used in PIC.
  • Identify the different types of field instrumentation, their principles of operation, their advantages and disadvantages, and the application of the different types of sensors for flow, level, pressure, and temperature measurements.


Who Should Enroll?

This certificate program is for those who want to learn about the PIC field in a condensed time frame and from a practical point of view and/or for those who simply want to communicate technically with PIC personnel. The program provides attendees with sufficient knowledge to move into the field of PIC. It is applicable to both technical and supervisory personnel. It is presumed that participants come from a setting where they can apply the knowledge received.



Part of the Online Certificate in Process Instrumentation & Control.

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