Course detail: AERO0460 - Introduction to RTCA DO-160 Qualification: Purpose, Testing and Design Considerations - online

This is an introductory class, designed to educate engineers of all disciplines (hardware design engineers, test engineers, certification engineers, program managers, project engineers and laboratory employees) in the aspects of DO-160 as it pertains to equipment qualification in support of aircraft certification. For system and hardware engineers, the intent is to educate and empower them to develop equipment designs that are compliant with DO-160 by design, and avoid expensive redesigns to correct issues found late in the development cycle during test. For test engineers, it is intended to assist them to properly develop test plans for their products. Certification engineers, program managers and project engineers will gain knowledge in the process and requirements of conducting the testing. Laboratory employees will learn the details of each DO-160 section and the requirements for certification. For each test section of DO-160, we discuss the purpose, adverse effects and categories. We also provide a high-level, step-by-step guide through the test procedure and design considerations for passing the test. A high-level review of related FAA advisory material and certification requirements will be discussed.

Please note that you must have access to the two required RTCA documents in order to complete this course. The two required documents are: RTCA DO-160G: Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment and RTCA DO-357: User Guide, Supplement to DO-160G.

Plan to devote five continuous weeks of study to this online course, which will include readings, review of RTCA DO-160G and DO-357 documents, discussion posts, live discussion sessions, weekly learning summaries and progression toward your course project.

  • The aircraft environment
  • Overview of RTCA and DO-160
  • Advisory Circular AC 21-16G
  • Requirements, development and management
  • FAA test requirements
  • Pass/fail requirements
Who Should Attend?
This class is designed for all engineering disciplines, program and project management employees, certification employees, and test lab personnel responsible for developing qualification requirements for airborne electronic equipment.

Course Fees
Early registration course fee: $1,795 if you register and pay by the early registration deadline (45 days prior to the first day of class).

Regular registration course fee: $1,895 if you register and pay after the early registration deadline.

U.S. Federal Employee Discount
This course is available to U.S. federal employees at 10% off the registration fee. To receive the federal employee discount, you must enter the code FGVT116 during the checkout process. Please note that you must validate your eligibility to receive this discount by entering your U.S. government email address (ending in .gov or .mil) when creating your online registration profile. This discount is available for both the early registration and regular registration fees.

Certificate Tracks
Aerospace Compliance, Avionics and Avionic Components, Electromagnetic Effects

Classroom hours / CEUs
28 classroom hours
2.8 CEUs

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AERO0460 Course Information and Outline (PDF Document)

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