Course detail: AERO0360 - Introduction to 25.981-Fuel Tank Safety and Ignition Prevention
This course provides details on all elements of fuel tank design needed for compliance with the regulation, with specific emphasis on electrical design aspects. Some review of regulatory history and 25.981 [25-102] is included for reference and TCA, STC work. Specific design implementations are examined and evaluated. The course will also include a high-level overview of electromagnetic effects and compatibility (EME/EMC), lightning effects (direct and indirect), high intensity radiated fields (HIRF), precipitation static (P-static), electrical bonding requirements, and requirements for electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS).

(Note: This course was formerly titled: Fuel Tank Explosion Prevention Certification Requirements - Airworthiness Standard 14 CFR 25.981 [25-125]).

  • The electromagnetic environment: considerations for 25.981
  • Metallic and composite aircraft structures: considerations for 25.981
  • The history of fuel tank protection requirements for aircraft certification
  • Direct and indirect effects of lightning and HIRF testing for 25.981 compliance
  • Requirements for in-tank mounted equipment (including FQIS)
  • Requirements for out-of-tank mounted FQIS
  • Requirements for fuel control equipment mounted out-of-tank
  • Fuel tank bonding and continued safety
  • 25.981 ICA: critical design configuration control limitations
Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for all design engineering disciplines, project managers, project engineers and laboratory personnel whose aircraft system may require protection of the airplane's fuel system from ignition/explosion.

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Early registration course fee: $2,495 if you register and pay by the early registration deadline (45 days prior to the first day of class).

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Certificate Tracks
Aerospace Compliance, Aircraft Maintenance and Safety, Electromagnetic Effects, Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)

Classroom hours / CEUs
31.5 classroom hours
3.15 CEUs

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