Course detail: AERO6040 - History of Airplane Design - 2019 #5: Cessna, Beech and Piper

Dr. Jan Roskam will discuss how the founders - Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech and William Piper - came to start their companies. He'll cover some of the successful and not so successful personal and business airplanes, passenger and cargo turboprops, and military trainers made by these three companies.

Also learn about:

  • Cessna and its immensely popular training and personal transportation and business airplanes, the pioneering T-37 military jet trainer and its attack derivative, the Citation jet series of business airplanes and the Caravan passenger and cargo turboprops. Also learn about the failures of the Model 407 personal jet, the four-engine Model 620 and the LSA Model 162 Skycatcher.
  • The innovative 336 Skymaster and its retractable gear derivative,the 337 Skymaster.
  • Beech and its famous Model 17S Staggerwing, WWII D-18, Kansan and the Grizzly attack airplane.
  • The novel but unsuccessful Model 34 Twin Quad passenger airplane.
  • The famous Bonanza, Queen-Air, Barron and King-Air business airplanes and the popular Models 99 and 1900 airliners.
  • The remarkable but unsuccessful Starship.
  • Various business jets as well as the T-6 Texan II military turboprop trainer that flies like a jet.
  • Piper with its widely popular J-3 Cub and multiple derivatives.
  • The Apache and Comanche line of airplanes, the Pawnee agricultural airplane, the Navajo and Cheyenne turboprop business airplanes and the single engine turboprop Meridian.

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