Course detail: AERO6010 - History of Airplane Design - 2019 #2: McDonnell and Boeing

McDonnell Aircraft Corp. (of St. Louis, MO) specialized in jetfighter design and development.  The company was best known for its carrier based aircraft.  The Banshee, Demon, Phantom I and II as well as the F-18 and AV-8B Harrier will be discussed.

Boeing (originally of Seattle, WA) is the oldest airplane manufacturer in the world. Before World War II, Boeing developed the Model 247, the first airplane to combine aluminum semi-monocoque construction, NACA engine cowls, retractable landing gear and astreamlined configuration. Dr. Roskam will also discuss the B-19 bomber, the Boeing 314 commercial flying boat, the Stratoliner, Stratotanker and Stratofreighter, and Boeing's 7 series.

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