Course detail: AERO6000 - History of Airplane Design - 2019 #1: De Havilland and Douglas

The De Havilland Company (of Hatfield, England) was a vertically integrated, worldwide enterprise designing and building airplanes, engines (piston and jet), propellers and systems. Well-known examples of their commercial and military airplanes include the Dragon Rapide, Vampire, Venom, Sea-Vixen, Comet, Trident and Model 146. The historical importance of the less-known Albatross and Flamingo commercial transports will also be discussed.

Douglas (of Santa Monica, Long Beach and El Segundo, California) also created many commercial and military airplanes. Dr. Roskam will discuss the commercial examples the DC-1, -2 and -3, which were arguably the first successful modern transports using aluminum semi-monocoque construction, NACA engine cowls, retractable landing gear and a streamlined configuration. He will also cover the DC-8, 9 and 10 jet transports. For military examples, the WWII Dauntless dive bomber, Boston and Havoc (bomber/attack), as well as the Skynight, Skyray and Skyhawk jet fighters will be discussed.

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