Course detail: Aerodynamic Design of Commercial Airplanes - ONLINE

In this course participants learn how aerodynamics drive the detailed exterior design of transport aircraft. What aerodynamic phenomena play a role in the exterior design of a wing, a cockpit or an engine intake? What is the effect of aerodynamic add-ons such as vortex generators, fairings or winglets? What are the advantages and penalties of wing sweep, and how can the penalties be mitigated by the aerodynamic design of the wing? These are some of the questions this course addresses. Participants learn how the various aircraft components should be shaped in order to fulfill aerodynamic requirements in all corners of the flight envelope. The strong ties between aircraft performance, aircraft aerodynamics, and aircraft exterior design are also demonstrated through numerous historical and contemporary examples. Although the main focus is on jet aircraft, the course also covers the effects of propeller installation on the aerodynamic design of the empennage.


  • Causes for interference drag in high-subsonic conditions
  • Effect of Reynolds number on shock-boundary-layer interaction
  • Design characteristics of supercritical airfoils
  • Mach number effects on flow over multi-element airfoils
  • Design of root and tip of swept-wing aircraft
  • Stability and control beyond the maximum operating Mach number
  • Propeller slipstream effects on longitudinal stability and yawing moment
  • Design constraints resulting from transonic buffet
  • Stalling characteristics of wings with high-lift devices

Course Schedule
When this course is offered online for open enrollment delivery, it meets for 9 live-online sessions held 3 times per week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) for 4 hours. All live sessions are recorded and made available online the following day.
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Who Should Attend?
Designed for aeronautical engineers, pilots with some engineering background, government research laboratory personnel, engineering managers and educators.

Course Fees
Regular online registration fee: $1,995
Late online registration fee: $2,195 (registrations received within 7 days of course start date)
Registration is open until the first day of the course; however, early registration is encouraged.
The online course fee includes individual access to the Zoom course meetings and to course materials, readings, videos, and resources in Blackboard, the University of Kansas Learning Management System.
No additional textbook purchases are required outside the course fee.

Certificate Track
Aircraft Design

Classroom hours / CEUs
35 classroom hours
3.5 CEUs

Course Accessibility
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Technical Requirements and Details for Aerospace Online Short Courses

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