Certificate detail: MMCERT - Certificate in Maintenance Management

Participants in this certificate program will learn to:


  • Identify the dominant patterns of maintenance management currently practiced by your department
  • Understand the formulas, measures and techniques used to evaluate maintenance efforts
  • Recognize when maintenance contracting and outsourcing can be of benefit.
  • Understand how the quality improvement techniques can be applied to maintenance management efforts.
  • Convince your management of the benefits of planning and scheduling maintenance jobs.
  • Outline the complete planning process.
  • Estimate crew size and manpower requirements.
  • Calculate available hours from maintenance workers.
  • Create a credible maintenance schedule accounting for all constraints.
  • Understand the basics of preventive maintenance.
  • Select and apply different predictive maintenance inspection techniques.
  • Develop task lists based upon reliability programs.
  • Choose whether interruptive maintenance or non-interruptive maintenance is best in a situation.

The fee for each course of the certificate is $995. Register for all three courses of the certificate at the same time and enter "MMCERT" in the Promo Code box at check out to receive a $200 discount.


Course title Mandatory Year span
Introduction to Managing Maintenance Mandatory 2
Planning and Scheduling Maintenance Activity Mandatory 2
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Mandatory 2

Electives required: 0