Certificate detail: ACSCERT - Certificate in Process Control and Advanced Control Strategies

The certificate consists of three modules covering the different aspects of control loop optimization, faultfinding, and application of advanced control strategies from a non-mathematical and practical point of view. The material is rich in practical examples and features many hands-on exercises (labs) using process simulation software to help you understand the important concepts covered during the course.


Participants in this program will learn to:

  • Understand process dynamics and show their relevance to controller tuning.
  • Describe the inner workings of PID controllers.
  • Recognize different controller types, algorithms, and options, and describe when to use each.
  • Apply the appropriate tuning techniques for different process types and tuning objectives.
  • Employ techniques for quickly assessing the performance of control loops.
  • Identify control valve and instrumentation problems.
  • Find sources of process nonlinearity.
  • Recognize performance issues that are not related to control loop problems.
  • Identify how and when to apply cascade and feedforward controls.
  • Understand the interaction of feedforward and cascade
  • Understand the design, use and tuning of ratio and override controls.
  • Optimize control loop performance.

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