This two (2) day intersession course is designed to provide an overview of industrial pollution, pollution prevention (P2) and environmental sustainability opportunities and obstacles that exist in a variety of Kansas industrial and institutional settings. Topics will address industrial systems that may include: environmental regulations, toxic chemical use, air quality, water and waste water, solid and hazardous waste, and energy. Continuing Education Hours: 15

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The Annual Meeting of the Great Plains Network brings together knowledge and information technology professionals including advanced network and cyberinfrastructure users, faculty members, researchers, librarians, information technology staff, graduate students from leading universities and high education networks.

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A one-week intensive short course on industrial refrigeration as practiced in food freezing, refrigeration andin other low temperature applications. A systematic study is made of the technical background, the practice and the latest developments in low temperature refrigeration. This workshop is offered in February. Started in 1982, this is the 53rd offering of the workshop.

February 24-28, 2020
Annual Conference provides a time when the K-State Research and Extension system comes together to share ideas on how to lead through challenging times, focus on applying our core competencies, build personal and professional relationships through networking, and recognize outstanding programs and contributions by faculty and staff.

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The 1st Annual Power and Energy Conference at Kansas State University, KPEC is a symposium of the research behind technologies for power and energy systems of the future.

April 13-14, 2020, Hilton Garden Inn & Conference Center
The workshop aims to provide individuals who plan to submit a CAREER Award proposal to a program in the Engineering Directorate with a CAREER proposal review experience and a forum in which they can interact with NSF program directors and recent NSF CAREER awardees.

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The workshop is a prominent scientific meeting focusingon cutting-edge research and technologies involving PDC materials. The primaryemphasis will be on PDC-based fibers and ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) forhigh-temperature applications. Attendees will have an opportunity to gainin-depth information on precursor synthesis; PDC processing including additivemanufacturing, polymer-to-ceramic conversion and multicomponent PDCs,characterization from preceramic polymers to ceramics, modeling and simulation.Other topics include composite materials recovery or recycleability, PDCs forenergy storage, and ultrahigh temperature materials for hypersonics.

Professor Rishi Raj turns 75 this year. To celebrate thismilestone, we are incorporating a symposium dedicated to Rishi's achievementswhile organizing our second annual NSF-PIRE project workshop. This symposiumwill cover varied topics related to Materials Science & Engineering. Thesymposium will be held toward the latter half of the workshop (July 18th and19th) and may also include short presentations by current/former students andcolleagues of professor Raj.

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Superpave Field Laboratory Technician Certification Training is a 4-day course offered jointly by Kansas State University (K-State) and the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). This course is intended to certify engineers, technicians, and other personnel who will be involved in the construction of Superpave Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavements using Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) specifications in the State of Kansas. Instruction will be provided by a selected group of instructors from KDOT, industry, and K-State. Successful completion of the course and certification (subjected to a combined passing score on two written tests and a laboratory proficiency test given at the end of the course) will be required for all KDOT and contractor personnel performing tests on these projects.

January 27-30, 2020, K-State Student Union
February 10-13, 2020, K-State Student Union
February 24-27, 2020, K-State Student Union
This one-day course provides an introductory overview of the 2009 edition of the MUTCD, with emphasis on MUTCD applications related to work zones (temporary signing). The course also will provide an overview of sign retroreflectivity sign assessment and management methods and an introduction to guidelines for Incident Management (emergency temporary traffic control). This course is intended for local traffic/highway technicians.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020, KDOT District 3 Conference Room
Wednesday, March 4, 2020, KDOT District 4 Conference Room
Monday, May 18, 2020, KDOT District 1; Area 3 Office