A true alpine adventure awaits you! Enjoy the beautiful European mountain scenery from northern Italy's lake region to Switzerland's Matterhorn to the French Alps in Chamonix. Click the dates below for more information.

September 5-15, 2020
Experience the very best of Paris along with its stunning surroundings including the Loire Valley, Brittany, the beaches of Normandy, Monet's dreamy gardens, and more! Click the dates below for more information.

June 9-18, 2020
Explore the heart of Italy, from the olive groves and vineyards of Chianti to the canals of Venice, the museums of Florence, and the terraced villages of the Cinque Terre. Click below for more information.

September 15-25, 2020
Discover fascinating Cuba and explore its rich history and culture in this 5-night trip to Havana. Experience the art, music, and food of the island, and learn of its history from 16th-century Spaniards to the 1961 Bay of Pigs clash.

March 24-29, 2020
Experience exotic Thailand! Spend 6 days in Bangkok and the surrounding area, visiting ancient Siamese courts, the floating market, spectacular ruins, and historic sites.

October 13-20, 2020
Spend 6 days touring the National Parks and Canyons of the Southwest! From your base hotel in Mesquite, Nevada, you'll explore the surrounding canyons and desert, enjoy a bit of Las Vegas, and even have time for relaxing!

April 19-24, 2020
Join us for a presentation on several exciting travel destinations, including Europe, Cuba, and New York City!

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