Course Detail: PRESCHOOLAQUATICS - Preschool Swim

For the beginner who is comfortable in the water: In the Pre-School levels the goal is to get students comfortable and be able to enjoy the water safely. They will learn basic water skills such as floating, blowing bubbles, leg and arm movements as well as exploring the water.
  • How to enter & exit the water safely
  • Blowing bubbles & submerging mouth, nose & eyes & bobs
  • Floating & gliding in the water with support
  • Arm and leg movements on front & back
  • Water safety rules & how to use and wear a lifejacket
  • How to enter & exit the water safely
  • Bobs and submerging entirely
  • Floating and gliding unassisted
  • Changing direction & treading water
  • Rolling over with no support
  • Steamboats & Front Crawl
  • Elementary Backstroke, Back Crawl
  • Water safety rules, how to use a lifejacket & how to get help

 Session Information: SU24PSS3.87

Schedule: Every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, starting on 07/08/24 and ending on 07/18/24
Times: 10:00am-07:00pm PDT
Reg Swim : $0.00




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Daniel Leeworthy

Facility Detail

UCC Main Campus
AC4 Pool
1140 Umpqua College Rd
Roseburg, OR 97470