Course Detail: WILDLAND4OPEN - Wildland Firefighter Entry Level S130 S190

Entry Level Wildland Fire S130/S190. Due to Covid 19 All of this course will take place via Zoom except the Work Capacity Fit Test (WFT) (Pack Test) and the Fire Shelter portion. The WFT and Fire Shelter will take place at the UCC Track following social distancing guidelines. The students must have a face mask for the fire shelter portion. For the WFT students will need to bring their own 45 pound pack which will be weighed. Students will not have to wear a mask during the WFT but will need to maintain a distance of 10' from each other while completing the test.

 Session Detail: SU21WILDLAND4OPEN2.20

Schedule: Every day, starting on 07/20/21 and ending on 07/24/21
Times: 08:00am - 06:00pm
199 : $199.00


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Brian Sumpter

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UCC Main Campus
Remote - Zoom
Virtually Led Zoom
Roseburg, OR 97470