Course Detail: ASL1 - Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

You will focus on mastering the basics of fingerspelling, numbers, colors, facial grammar and sentence structure. You will also learn conversational and cultural behaviors necessary to hold a beginning-level conversation in ASL with deaf or hearing-impaired users of the language. Introductory information about deaf culture and deaf humor will also be presented to provide you with a broad picture of the language and culture.

"This course was very informative because it has helped me understand the deaf community and has helped me understand my grandson (3yrs old) who is deaf.  It has allowed me to better understand him and helped me communicate better with him.  The instructor was awesome, she knows her stuff and the material was presented in a fun way to learn.  We were given many additional resources to use." - Karla C.

"I enjoyed the combination of learning ASL and history.  I really liked the variety of videos and active practice.  The instructor was very well educated on the subject and interesting." - Tammy L.

Available Sessions