Certificate Programs

Pratt Institute's School of Continuing and Professional Studies proudly collaborates with Cinquième Sens to be the exclusive New York City provider of the Certificate Program in Advanced Perfumery.The certificate requires successful completion of 36 hours of classroom time.
A perfect compliment to the Advanced Perfumery Certificate, The Art & Business of Perfumery Certificate positions you to deepen your knowledge of the fragrance industry.This certificate offers an elevated, advanced study of the three key pillars of a successful fragrance business: 1) Analysis of the market, fragrance industry business best practices and fragrance entrepreneurship. 2) The fragrance consumer; study of trends, preferences and purchase drivers. 3) The artistry of the perfumer: The unsung hero of fragrance creation, a study of the unique contributions of the perfumer. All courses are offered online. Prior experience is not necessary, but the courses in the Advanced Perfumery course are recommended. Fragrance professionals and enthusiasts welcome. Required materials for each course include an olfactorium (a kit of fragrance vials). Register for courses at least two weeks in advance of the course to ensure adequate shipping time for the olfactoriums.
Understand who your audience is and how to reach and persuade them. Build a brand story from the ground up, or grow an existing brand. Use brand positioning to cut through the noise of the marketplace. Understand why some campaigns thrive while others fail. Design, package, and sell your ideas to brand stakeholders and clients. Activate your brand/marketing strategies through online outreach channels. Develop a portfolio.
Hone the CAD tools needed to deliver designs to both contractors and clients. Create CAD drawings using industry standards: Autodesk®, AutoCAD®, and Autodesk® Revit Architecture. Finish with photorealistic renderings using Autodesk® 3ds Max.
Arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in a creative career. Discover career options while learning best practices in business, marketing communications, copyright law, and licensing. Hone a craft  in a creative field of choice. Position yourself strategically with a professional design portfolio.
Do you have a passion for interior design?Are you preparing to enter a Master's program?Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to advance your personal design projects and guide you to create a professional portfolio. Disclaimer: This is a non-credit program and does not provide NYIAD or NCIDQ credits toward certification.
Transform your design practice into a design business. Regardless of the scope of work, a business acumen is essential for success in a competitive market. Whether you are just getting started, or leveling-up, Pratt SCPS's; Design Business courses have you covered.
Digital tools empower designers to blur the lines between fields. Take an interdisciplinary approach to Pratt's Digital Design certificates. Combine elective classes across digital design fields with a foundation in graphic design to enter one of the multidisciplinary roles today's designers occupy. Grow your network while building a professional design portfolio. Pease note: additional elective classes towards the completion of the Digital Design Certificate can be taken from the following certificate programs: Graphic Design; Motion Graphics; Web Design; CAD Design; Branding and Digital Marketing; Human-Centered Design; Digital Product Design; UX/UI Mobile Design; Photography and Video Production.
Enter a dynamic role in the UX/UI landscape through the Pratt SCPS Digital Product Design Certificate. Create digital products that traverse end-user and business needs. Integrate research, design, and presentation into your work and oversee the entire product lifecycle from conception to execution. Develop a core skill-set that addresses the multi-phases of product design across platforms and the know-how of which tools to use and when to use them. Build key portfolio pieces. Please note: Practicum: UX/UI Design Studio is recommended, but not required.
This unique program combines theory and practice to prepare designers and architects to effectively innovate design projects that support the health and wellness of diverse individuals and communities, whether in private, public, or commercial spaces. Throughout the program, students will investigate gradually more complex elements that impact design decisions for health and wellness, including learn ways to assess and enhance private, public and commercial spaces while examining the relationships between the environment, physical & psychological conditions for health, behavior theories, spatial design, industry standards and best practices. Students will learn to develop basic prototypes and to complete research-based design proposals for health and wellness in response to specific design challenges. There are five core required certificate courses, totaling 136 class hours. Students must take the pre-requisite course called "Design for health & Wellness Foundation" offered every term, before enrolling in the remaining courses.
Shape memorable exhibition design experiences. Learn how to create and document the design of an exhibition from concept to installation. Special focus is on creating interpretive environmental experiences that include storytelling, sustainability and environmental design. The exhibition designer often works in a collaborative team process, integrating the disciplines of industrial design, architecture, graphic design, audiovisual, digital media, architecture, lighting design, as well as content specialization. At the end of the semester, students will complete and present an exhibition design proposal with models, photographs and drawings of original work toward their portfolio. TOTAL PROGRAM COST (All tuition and Fees): $3,790.
Jump into fashion brand creative marketing through the first certificate program in fashion new media. Examine the new media landscape. Develop a vision. Create deliverables for target audiences. Finish with a market-ready, professional design portfolio and build your network in the world’s fashion capital: New York City (all in-person classes are held in the Pratt Manhattan Center).
Created with the needs of arts professionals in mind, this new certificate offers an opportunity for teaching artists and arts practitioners to explore new techniques, media and disciplines with top-rated faculty.
Pratt Institute, one of the finest art and design schools in the United States, partners with Eileen Johnson, a leader in the floral industry for over 30 years, to offer this new, one-of-a-kind, fine art-inspired floral design program led by master florists. Explore topics in art, art history, interior design and fashion, all of which inform and inspire this certificate program intended for artists, interior designers, design professionals and floral design enthusiasts.
Learn how to create furniture from successful designers and experienced fabricators. Develop your own ideas through experimenting, making, and testing. Search for inspiration studying the human body, needs, and routines. Explore a variety of structures and technologies. Gain and demonstrate fundamental skills required in the growing furniture design and manufacturing business.
As location-based data has become prevalent in our society, employers are recognizing the importance of mapping, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), statistics and visualization, as well as effective design. Spatial data requires special considerations for use, while mapping is transforming how we communicate and interpret data. The GIS and Design Certificate Program is uniquely positioned to effectively prepare diverse professionals to meet the growing demand in spatial analysis visualization in a variety of fields.
Communicate your message with typography, layout, color, and image. Master an industry standard: Adobe CC. Choose from a wide selection of electives and develop a multidisciplinary practice. Build a professional design portfolio and launch your career. Pease note: additional elective classes towards the completion of the Graphic Design Certificate can be taken from the following certificate programs: Motion Graphics; Web Design; CAD Design; Branding and Digital Marketing; Human-Centered Design; Digital Product Design; UX/UI Mobile Design; Photography and Video Production.
Go beyond UX for interfaces and digital products through Pratt SCPS's Human-Centered Design Certificate. Construct a deep understanding of a user's needs and challenges. Develop a methodology that places those needs and challenges central in the design process. Create solutions for any touch point where people and industry intersect. From services to management frameworks, through both digital and physical applications, let empathy drive your designs to meaningful end-user experiences. Please note: Practicum: UX/UI Design Studio is recommended, but not required.
Take your jewelry making practice to the next level with a suite of courses designed to help you acquire increased design proficiency and strategies to bring your creations to market.Register for any course individually or join the certificate program!
How many times have you seen a cool visual effect in a film or video and asked, "How did they do that?" Learn how to create impressive motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, while focusing on the concepts behind effective communication and quality design. Find inspiration from the rich motion graphics of film and TV and learn a workflow you can use for professional projects. Edit your work and finish with a showreel to impress future clients. Please note: Adobe After Effects is a prerequisite for students with no prior knowledge of Motion Graphics.
Become a photographic and video content creator through Pratt's Photography and Video Certificate. Shoot and retouch photographs for a wide range of genres. Create videos for commercial and art applications. From pre-production to post-production, develop a workflow while building and refining your portfolio/showreel.
Using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, Pratt's Sustainable Design Certificate program covers sustainable design processes, practices, and materials to address real-world challenges, while highly encouraging research and innovation. The program is based on whole systems thinking, engaging the design process with nature's processes and designs in the context of societal systems. There are five required certificate courses. The courses that include the term "Intensive" in their titles are equivalent to the courses with similar subject titles and are offered in an accelerated format in the Summer only.
Enter the fast-growing field of UX/UI design for apps and much more through the certificate program in UX/UI Mobile Design. The program will provide you with all of the building blocks to get started as a UX/UI designer. Commencing with a comprehensive introduction to the field, through best practices and methodologies in user research, you'll finish knowing how to manifest your designs so they are deliverable both to clients and developers. Please note: Practicum: UX/UI Design Studio is recommended, but not required.
Take a design-first approach to Web development. Master industry standard tools such as frameworks and content management systems for rapid development in today's fast paced market. Learn core and advanced concepts in coding, UX/UI, and responsive design. Choose from a wide selection of electives across all of SCPS's Digital Design courses to customize your program. Finish with a market ready portfolio and knowledge of best practices for presentation and networking. Classes are hands-on and project based, taught by Pratt faculty and industry pros. Pease note: additional elective classes towards the completion of the Web Design Certificate can be taken from the following certificate programs: Motion Graphics; Graphic Design; CAD Design; Branding and Digital Marketing; Human-Centered Design; Digital Product Design; UX/UI Mobile Design; Photography and Video Production.