Certificate: Art & Business of Perfumery

A perfect complement to the Advanced Perfumery Certificate, The Art & Business of Perfumery Certificate positions you to deepen your knowledge of the fragrance industry.This certificate offers an elevated, advanced study of the three key pillars of a successful fragrance business: 1) Analysis of the market, fragrance industry business best practices and fragrance entrepreneurship. 2) The fragrance consumer; study of trends, preferences and purchase drivers. 3) The artistry of the perfumer: The unsung hero of fragrance creation, a study of the unique contributions of the perfumer. All courses are offered online. Prior experience is not necessary, but the courses in the Advanced Perfumery course are recommended. Fragrance professionals and enthusiasts welcome. Required materials for each course include an olfactorium (a kit of fragrance vials). Register for courses at least two weeks in advance of the course to ensure adequate shipping time for the olfactoriums.


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Entrepreneurship and The Creation of a Fragrance Brand Mandatory 1
The Perfumer's Art Mandatory 1
The Psychology of Scent Mandatory 1

Electives Required: 0