Explore, research and develop bio-inspired design solutions, putting into practice biomimicry thinking, sustainable systems-based methods and designing for and with biomaterials.

June 19-29, 2023, Online
Generate innovative forms that perform and give back to the planet responsibly. Based on the Biomimicry Institute's 3.8 guidelines, explore all levels of the biomimicry design process. Learn sustainability principles and practices; discover nature's time-tested design strategies, functions, and patterns to apply them to designs and demonstrate the value of biomimicry-based design to stakeholders.

July 10-20, 2023, Online
Learn to design and model your own piece of furniture through making and testing. Study human scale, proportion and composition. Gain a basic understanding of furniture formulation, construction and manufacturing. Working on a full-size model and prototype, experience all stages of the design process. Estimated supplies costs: $100. Instructors' supplies list available upon registration. The course is waivable upon portfolio approval: please submit portfolio to by 10 business days prior to class start date.

May 22, 2023 to June 2, 2023, Online
Explore the art of collection design from a lifestyle design perspective, a time-tested approach used by successful designers of renowned luxury & consumer brands. Starting with a focus on sources of inspiration to create aspiration, imagine a new world and related lifestyle based on a narrative. Realize designs within a branded collection, whether for products or other types of designs, that exemplify your new world.

July 17-27, 2023, Online
Explore mixed media art techniques and materials. Combining various traditional and non-traditional media and techniques such as collage, drawing, painting, and assemblage, create a range of works that explore color, texture, figure ground relationships, as well as representation and abstraction. Create artworks that mix found objects and ephemera with traditional art materials to complete unique compositions toward a portfolio, using formal strategies to achieve balance and unity.

June 5-15, 2023, Hybrid/ Brooklyn
Engage in fine arts painting as a vehicle for exploring light, color, image making, materials, and composition. Develop or sharpen your skills in color mixing, paint application, and various techniques in the context of figurative representation and abstraction. Study historical precedents and contemporary trends in painting today, through virtual excursions to online art collections. Through immersion practice, as well as group and individual critique, students will begin to develop or expand their own direction as painters. Students may enroll in one or both sessions 1A and 1B for this open-level intensive course.

June 19-29, 2023, Hybrid/ Brooklyn
Furniture design and manufacturing is a growing business. Learn how to thrive in that exciting world. Develop and adopt your professional skills to the specificity of the market. Learn how to specify, plan and price your designs. Work on project briefs, timelines and costing sheets. Gain a basic understanding of ergonomics. Pre-Requisite: XCSI-313 Furniture Design Foundation.

June 19-29, 2023, Online
Would you like to turn your creative inspirations into viable business ideas? Explore combining the creative/design thinking process with key phases of the entrepreneurial process-identification, development, launch, and scaling in this interactive workshop. Starting with a fun simulation, learn simple yet powerful innovation principles to take your ideas to the next viable level or to generate new, viable ideas. Working as a team, apply a time-tested step-by-step process to further guide and support your creative entrepreneurial journey. Walk away with an empowering, practical ideation tool set for innovation and effective entrepreneurship.

August 2-30, 2023, Online
Study the basic principles of sustainable design thinking, design vocabulary, and composition. This course is an introduction to sustainable design for learners with or without prior design experience.

June 5-15, 2023, Online
Watercolor is the perfect medium for small scale investigations in the studio, at home, or with plein air painting. Explore the fundamentals of watercolor by focusing on technique, color, light, and composition. Begin with the basics and advance at your own speed. Learn how to build color through transparent layers. Experience the spontaneous flow of watercolor found in both abstraction and representational painting. Subjects include color abstraction, still life, and landscape. Gouache and sumi-e ink will be introduced as additional water-based mediums. This class is appropriate for all levels. Drawing experience recommended. Material cost approximately $75-100.00.

June 5-15, 2023, Hybrid/ Brooklyn
Explore the fundamental aspects of the fashion industry. Experiment with the elements of design and inspiration, learn terminology, collection development, and techniques in clothing construction. Weekly field trips related to industry exhibits and designer showrooms will enhance the depth of learning. Some classes will be spent on the Brooklyn campus learning the inner workings of a fashion design studio.

June 5-29, 2023, Hybrid/ Brooklyn