Master the power of creating meaningful advertising, as you design a wellness campaign from concept to portfolio piece.

July 2-25, 2024, Pratt Manhattan
From the red carpet to the board room, go on a creative journey that is the fusion of conceptual thinking, design strategy, design leadership and management to create 360 design experiences that extend across an ecosystem of platforms and spaces.

This course contains no sessions
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Figma is built for user experience designers. Learn how to create UX and UI deliverables, such as sitemaps, wireframes and mock-ups. Explore core Figma concepts like Vectors, Artboards, Symbols (Nesting and Overrides) and Libraries.

July 1-26, 2024, Online
Survey the basics of furniture design. Learn through making and testing. Gain a basic understanding of furniture formulation and construction. You will work on full-size models and prototypes, create ideation sketches and line drawings of your designs, study human scale, proportion and composition.

July 1-26, 2024, Online
Study the foundation of graphic design as a communication tool and learn the importance of graphic design as an informative and promotional presence in commerce and society.

July 2-25, 2024, Online
Unlock your creativity! Utilize sketches as an inspiration to create a portfolio of paintings. Using a series of ongoing drawings and sketchbook entries, we will turn our diary-style entries into paintings. Focus on either the natural world, abstraction, or something in-between. Create a series of artworks based on our personal aesthetic experiences.

July 1-25, 2024, Hybrid/ Manhattan
This course takes a detailed look into the interior and functional structures of the head, their forms and variations and how they affect the look of the head and face. Open up new creative and expressive possibilities to more effectively draw from life, invent, work from memory, and create strong, lifelike portraits.

July 2-26, 2024, Online
Analyze the challenges and potential solutions involved in photographical composition. Investigate how photographers say what they say based primarily on ideas suggested in the seminal writing on photography, John Szarkowski's The Photographer's Eye.

July 1-26, 2024, Online