Certificate: Photography and Video Production

Become a photographic and video content creator through Pratt's Photography and Video Certificate. Shoot and retouch photographs for a wide range of genres. Create videos for commercial and art applications. From pre-production to post-production, develop a workflow while building and refining your portfolio/showreel.


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Sequential Imaging Elective 0
Adobe After Effects Elective 0
The Photographer's Eye Elective 0
Finding Your Photographic Style Elective 0
Introduction to Digital Photography and Lightroom Elective 0
Introduction to Photoshop Elective 0
Photoshop Advanced Elective 0
Photographic Lighting Elective 0
Video Editing: Premiere Pro Elective 0
Video Storytelling Elective 0

Electives Required: 6