Course Detail: PETS-9100 - PTSD Service Dog 101

This course is for honorably discharged United States Veterans diagnosed with PTSD who want to learn how to train their own medically necessary PTSD Service Dog. Participants are taught learning theory and beginning applied dog training skills for best practices based on ethical, empirical methods. 

Students do not bring their own dogs to any lessons; American Veterans Service Dog Academy (AVSDA) will provide service-dogs-in-training for applied practices. Veterans who do not yet have a service dog can apply to adopt an AVSDA service-dog-in-training. AVSDA Veteran students must provide a letter of medical necessity, DD214, have a primary diagnosis of PTSD, and currently be, and remain for the duration of the program, in treatment with a mental health care professional. All prospective AVSDA students will be interviewed by AVSDA staff before being accepted into the program. All medical information is HIPAA compliant/ confidential. 

Dogs owned by veterans entering the program will be evaluated for suitability as potential PTSD Service dog candidates. Veterans with dogs that do not meet criteria may have the option to train their own dog for home-based assistance and emotional support but will be disqualified from endorsement for public access training. Veterans admitted into the program will be offered the opportunity to apply for a service dog prospect puppy, contingent on all criteria for dog adoption being met. Veterans approved for a service dog puppy prospect will be awarded their puppy at graduation, after their successful completion of the three program courses with a grade of 80% or higher. 

Veterans who adopt an AVSDA Service Dog puppy prospect will continue their education off campus, through AVSDA's dog training facility at Peggy Moran's School for Dogs, LLC, for an additional 12 weeks with their newly awarded puppies. Veterans who complete the handlers' program with their own dogs will be offered the opportunity to do in-person training off campus at AVSDA's training facility provided their dog meets temperament criteria.

 Session Information: 2023SP.PETS-9100.001

Schedule: Every week on Saturday, starting on 01/21/23 and ending on 05/06/23 (excluding 03/11/23)
Times: 08:30am-11:00am CST
Free Class : $0.00


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