Course Detail: LLLI-9980 - Hidden in Plain Sight

Trends, fashion, and slang continuously evolve and so do trends in substance use. As trends in substance use change, so do the methods individuals use to conceal drug and alcohol use. This reality prompted the development of Hidden in Plain Sight, a program designed to educate parents and adults on detecting signs of drug abuse and understanding the diverse ways young people may conceal drugs and alcohol. James Schreiner from the Pledge for Life invites you to learn more about this community initiative and explore a trailer that simulates readiness for such situations within your family.

 Session Information: 2024FA.LLLI-9980.001

Schedule: Every day, starting on 10/10/24 and ending on 10/10/24
Times: 10:00am-11:00am CDT
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Jim Schreiner

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North Extension Center
450 North Kinzie Avenue
Bradley, IL 60915