Course Detail: WELL-9239 - Bridging the Gap Between Gut and Mental Health - What's the Evidence

What's happening at the level of the gut is happening at the level of the brain. Put simply, we cannot have solid mental health without addressing the gut. Join Brianna at this workshop to take a deep dive into the evidence that supports eating for mental health.


      List the importance of gut health, including its anatomy, and physiology.     

      Describe Leaky Gut Syndrome, its causes, and its significance in gut health, and diagnostic tests and assessments.    

      Explain the intricacies of the Gut-Brain Axis, how the gut impacts mental health, and the role of the microbiome in brain function and emotional balance.        

      Describe the relationship between nutrition, diet, and gut health, and gut-healing foods and dietary patterns that promote optimal gut function, as well as their impact on mental health.      

      List lifestyle factors and mind-body techniques to influence gut health and mental well-being, incorporating stress management, mindfulness, and relaxation practices into daily life for overall wellness.

Continuing Education: Upon successful completion, 3 contact hours will be awarded for nurses, counselors, dieticians and social workers. IAODAPCA contact hours have been applied for and are pending approval. 

 Session Information: 2024SP.WELL-9239.001

Schedule: Every day, starting on 03/29/24 and ending on 03/29/24
Times: 09:00am-12:00pm CDT
Regular registration fee : $49.00


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Brianna Mesenbring

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