Course Detail: LLLI-7092 - The Beatles, the 60's and Popular Culture

American and English culture of the 1960s is reflected more in the music of the Beatles than in that of any other group. The rise of the Beatles coincided with a vital shift in the relationship between the two countries and a change in the significance, relevance, and artistic ambitions of popular music. Between October 5, 1962 and May 8, 1970, the Beatles released twenty-two singles, several EPs, and eleven albums. They amassed an enormous worldwide fan base that continues to exist to this day. The group shattered many sales records and charted more than fifty top-40 hit singles. They have been called the most iconic music group of modern times. 

We shall talk about Beatles songs, the culture of the times, and America and England of the Fifties and Sixties. We shall see filmed interviews with John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and we shall listen closely to some of their greatest songs. This multi-media experience will leave you more knowledgeable about the most volatile decade of the twentieth century and more enthusiastic about the music of the Beatles than ever before.

Jeremy Yudkin is Professor of Music and and Director of the Center forBeethoven Research at Boston University. 

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