Course Detail: LLLI-7051 - Current Events Discussion Group In Person

Join us for a discussion of current events in a relaxed setting at Kankakee Community College's North Campus at 450 Kinzie Ave in Bradley. We welcome individuals of all ages from the surrounding communities including students attending KCC, to discuss current news that is affecting us locally, state-wide, and on the national level. Discussion of the issues and also sharing your thoughts will aid in understanding each other's thoughts to unite us as a community. Course content will be obtained from current news sources, i.e.: Kankakee Daily Journal, The Week Magazine, NPR radio programing, TV news (CBS,ABC,NBC, WGN), and possible internet news sources. Will list the top current news of the day or week, and allow the attendees to determine what they would like to discuss, or recommend an alternative news issue. The course meets every third Wednesday on May 17, June 21, July 19 and August 16.

Available Sessions