Course Detail: WELL-9102 - Teaching Self-Compassion to Your Clients (and Yourself)

People who go to therapy often carry guilt for their past behaviors and shame from their past experiences and traumas. They may have developed compensatory behaviors of caring for others and consistently, not just putting themselves last, but actively criticizing and neglecting themselves. They seek out therapy when they realize how resentful and exhausted they have become. Others approach therapy seeking help for the anxiety and constant self judgement that comes from perfectionism. Others seek help when they are so depressed they begin to wonder if their lives are worth living. All of these people (and maybe you, too) can benefit from self compassion. This training will utilize both didactic and experiential learning styles. 

  • Define self compassion and the difference between self esteem and self compassion.
  • Describe the components of the yin and yang of self compassion. 
  • Describe the five myths of self compassion. 
  • Discuss the connection between mindfulness and self compassion. 
  • Learn and practice concrete self compassion skills.
This is a live event. Within 24 hours of the webinar, you will receive an email with a link to the session. All participants require internet access and an email address.

Class notes: Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded 3 continuing education contact hours for nurses, nursing home administrators, counselors, and social workers. Three professional development hours will be awarded to teachers upon successful completion. Three hours have been approved for Counselor II, Preventionist II, CARS II, CODP I or II, PCGC II, CCJP II, CRSS I or II, CVSS II, CPRS I or II, MAATP II, CFPP II, and NCRS II through the Illinois Certification Board.

Available Sessions