Course Detail: STCP-9004 - Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager

Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager

Are you a facility manager, building engineer, or health and safety officer who wants to improve the indoor air quality of your building? Are you properly prepared to handle air quality complaints? Common mistakes can turn a small grievance into a wildfire of speculation and accusation. In this Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager Online Training and Certification course, you'll learn how to diagnose, resolve, and prevent indoor air quality (IAQ) complaints. You'll also establish a comprehensive IAQ plan specific to your buildings.

Not only will this course teach you how to improve your building's indoor air, it will also prepare you for third-party certification by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). You'll learn about all the pertinent topics covered on the certification exam. You can even take a 100-question practice examination to prepare for certification.


What you will learn:

  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive IAQ management plan that includes explicit instructions for any situation
  • Discover how to establish and implement a system to manage IAQ complaints
  • Examine everything involved in developing an IAQ Profile for your buildings in order to track history and report changes
  • Learn to identify conditions that lead to IAQ problems and assess associated health risks
  • Discover the secrets to addressing and preventing air quality problems before they occur

How you will benefit:

  • Discover the secrets to preventing or controlling IAQ problems before they get out of hand
  • Save money and time by learning how to solve simple IAQ problems in-house
  • Learn how to market and budget for indoor air quality - a crucial concern for most businesses
  • Apply the knowledge and skills you learn to limit health risks and prevent serious problems