Course Detail: LLPJAZZ - Music Appreciation Series: Music Around the World, The Many Sounds of Classical Music, and The Many Styles of Jazz

After my previous class, Listen Up! Ways to Enhance Your Musical Experience, students asked to hear more music of all varieties. This workshop encompasses multiple styles and sounds of music allowing the listener to dive more into music and appreciate the many sounds. This workshop will be split into three separate sessions. Session 1: This session will focus on music around the world. Wherever in the world, there are people, there is music. Travel the world with artists from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. We will have a brief discussion of the types of instruments used, then lots of listening to examples that highlight these unique styles. Session 2: This session will feature classical music and examples of musicians from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Romantic Periods. There will be lots less talk and much more listening. Topics will include the evolution of the Orchestra as well as Symphonies, and Sacred Music. Session 3: This final session will give you more of an insight into jazz music. Think there is only one jazz genre? There are many, including Blues, Ragtime, Dixieland Swing, Bebop, Cool, Smooth and Funk. This class will involve listening to many of them, with just enough discussion in-between to have a better understanding of the diversity and richness of this fabulous music!

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