Course Detail: LLPPYSANKY - Pysanky Ukrainian Egg Workshop

In this workshop we will be making beautiful Ukrainian Easter eggs - pysanky. You will learn the method of batik dying also called wax-resist. You will also become familiarized with the wide range of Ukrainian folk art traditional patterns, designs and symbols, and their history. The designs are made with beeswax which is melted in the flame of a candle and applied to the egg using a tool called a kistka. The eggs are dipped into successively darker dyes. At the end of the process the beeswax is melted off to reveal the beautiful and colorful design. You may use the traditional patterns, or freestyle and make up your own design. Pysanky are fun, relaxing, and meditative to create. We will also talk about the symbols, which are all good wishes for good health, long life, strength and protection, and other good things. Bring a friend and share this special workshop with the Lifelong Learning Program and our partner, Friends of the School of Art and Design!

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