Complete your business plan in just two class sessions. Learn to put your existing business idea into words, forecast sales and expenses, reach your target market, and build a team. Then use your plan to manage your business or present to a bank or investor. Two classroom sessions are each followed by one-on-one in person advising with the instructor.

May 14-21, 2024, 05:30pm, SBDC Training Room
Learn how to read, understand and best utilize your critical business financial statements, including Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Profit & Loss statements.

May 1-8, 2024, 02:00pm, SBDC Training Room
Find your niche, analyze your market, position your products or services. This two-hour class will teach you everything you need to get your business started including resources and tips to make your business a success. Offered in-person with other future business owners for interactive classroom sessions. Get free advice and questions answered through one-on-one support from our team of professional advisers.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024, 12:00pm
Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 12:00pm
In this course you will learn to set up a company file, build a Chart of Accounts, enter check and cash transactions, reconcile bank statements, study Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, create reports, and more. Prior computer experience recommended. Suggested for users who are new to QuickBooks. Please bring a flash/thumb drive to class with you. Includes one-on-one advising session with your instructor.

April 16-25, 2024, 02:00pm, SBDC Training Room
OPEN ENROLLMENT! Contractors work with experienced accounting and contracting professionals to help learn how to manage your new venture at a profit. Get prepared to move forward confidently and avoid many of the mistakes that are common while you are waiting for your CCB License to arrive. If you are already in business this class focuses on best practices for success. The online training is accompanied by one-on-one coaching with your adviser at SBDC to provide valuable insights into the specifics of your business. Course offers CCB license holders with 8 hours toward required Continuing Education credits. This course is ONLINE, ON-DEMAND -- Register and start anytime.

December 11, 2023 to March 31, 2024, 12:00am, Online via Youtube videos