Course Detail: CCBESTREC - Recordkeeping & Estimating For Construction Contractors

Successful contractors learn very quickly that it takes more than being a craftsman. The mark of a thriving business is an owner that has a solid understanding of the back office processes for their business. This requires an owner with a solid foundation in business processes, recordkeeping and the ability to develop estimates that are fair to the contractor and client. Work with experienced accounting and contracting professionals to help you learn how to manage this new venture at a profit!Get prepared to move forward confidently and avoid many of the mistakes that are common while you are waiting for your CCB License to arrive, or hone in on best practices if you're already in business. This training is also accompanied by 1:1 coaching through the SBDC to provide valuable insights into the specifics of your business.Topics covered include:?Documents required by CCB you must retain and have signed?Learn how owners are paid by the business.?Navigate the basics of bookkeeping?Entering Revenues (including how to handle pre-payments)?Entering Cost of Goods Sold?Entering General and Administrative Expenses?Assets, Liabilities & Equity?Taxes for the self-employed?Job Costing?Subcontractors?Marketing Materials & Review?Estimating Inputs?Estimating Tools?Estimating: The Art & Science?Free SBDC 1:1 Coaching - This 8 hour course provides professional development hours for your CCB License requirements. Get started now!

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