Course Detail: CEPD-LSSSOL - Certified Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain

Certified Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain 

Course Fee: $2,500

Dates: Start anytime between May 13, 2024 to August 11, 2024

Times:  Online, self-paced 

Course Description: Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Certification focuses solely on Supply Chain. (LS3C) is a fresh new perspective to improve Supply Chain process flow while utilizing tools that Lean Six Sigma offers. Focusing entirely on Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing, Transportation and Procurement enables the practitioner to analyze current trends and follow-thru implementation. Optimizing Supply Chain Lean Six Sigma tools, helps maximize supplier partnerships within the Supply Chain that facilitates a shortened "time to market" with new product introduction. The efficient integration of identifying the "8 Wastes" within the Supply Chain builds visibility so the organization can begin to reduce or eliminate the non-value added activities that cost organizations loss revenue and disappoint customers. Contact Governors State University today to learn more about this new certification focused on your Supply Chain.

 Session Information: CEPD-LSSSOL-24SU1

Schedule: Start this self-paced course anytime!
Times: 12:01am-11:59pm CDT
LS3C: Certified Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain + Books : $2000.00

Facility Detail

1 University Parkway
University Park, IL 60484