Course Detail: CEPD-JJ02HY - Jaguar Jumps 2001: Post High School Advancement for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

This continuation enhances college readiness concepts to individuals with intellectual disabilities who are registering for college level courses, or career courses. Limited to individuals who have successfully passed Jaguar Jumps 1001. 

Restrictions:  Limited to individuals who qualify based on screening tools, agree to baseline assessments.

This course is one of a series of courses offered through the School of Extended Learning. The course materials and schedule prepare individuals with mild/moderate intellectual disabilities to understand the rigors of maintaining a college schedule or work training program schedule. The course is specifically designed for individuals who wish to develop skills to assist them to obtain employment and/or engage in their community and the world around them.

Expected Student LEARNING Outcomes:

1.Attend a 90 minute course session without interruption

2.Demonstrate readiness to participate in the course session by having all materials needed at hand

3.Identify potential college level classes in a catalog

4.Identify potential employment training opportunities in WIOA

5.Advocate for personal learning supports

6.Identify available university and community supports

Instructional MODALITY (ies):  Lecture/discussion. 75% synchronous online, 25% F2F

REQUIRED Text/LearningMaterials

       No required texts

       Materials will be distributed electronically to all students and also stored on the BB9 course shell

Technology Requirements (Materials and Equipment)

       Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable)

       Access to BB/Website/Other

       System Requirement for BB

o  This course requires minimum system (computer) requirements. Students are responsible for all software downloads, upgrades, updates, etc.

o  Blackboard Learn 9.1 Always run a "tune up" when using BlackBoard Any questions you might have regarding BlackBoard can be found in Student Helpdesk in the BlackBoard Login page (GSU)

o  Java Runtime Environment Java is required for Blackboard Learn 9.1. Download it from Always check to make sure the latest version of Java is installed on your computer. Apple's MacOS10.x can ensure the latest version of Java for OSX by running the Apple Update.

o  Acceptable Document Files The following document file types are considered acceptable for use in Blackboard and for submitting assignment work to the Blackboard system:

  Microsoft Word: .doc,.docx, Microsoft Excel: .xls, .xlsx, Microsoft PowerPoint: .ppt, .pptx, Rich Text Format: .rtf, Adobe Acrobat: .pdf, Image form: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif,.png.  (To determine the type of file you are submitting, simply right click the unopened file and select the "properties" tab)

 Session Information: CEPD-JJ02HY-23FA1

Schedule: Course will meet on weekly with Professor O'Shea. Course materials will be accessible via Blackboard.
Times: 12:00am-11:59pm CDT
CEPD-JJ02HY-23SP1 : $199.00


Name Additional Resources
Roberta O'Shea

Facility Detail

1 University Parkway
University Park, IL 60484