Course Detail: CEPD-STEAM - Steam Camp 2023

Governors State University is once again hosting hands-on science, technology, art, and mathematics (STEAM) Camp Fun for summer 2023! Through a series of fun, highly interactive activities, students will learn basic concepts in the visual and performing arts, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, and robotics.

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Ages: Middle and High School Students (11 to 16)
Location: Governors State University

After Camp join us for STEAM Camp + we will meet everyday after camp from 3 to 5 p.m.
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Areas of possible exploration, final schedule to be announced: 

S =Science
E =Engineering
A= Arts
M= Math

  • Little Bits (S, T, E, A)
  • Optical Illusions (S, A, M)
  • Graphic Design (T, A, M)
  • Forensics(S, M)
  • Bridges(S, E, M)
  • Cybersecurity(S, T, E)
  • Maze Making and Puzzles (A, M)
  • Mobile App Design (S, T, E, A)
  • Robotics(T, E)
  • Fabric Science (S, A, M)
  • Chemistry(S, M)
  • AI (T,E, M)
  • Drones(S, T, E)
  • Weather Science (S, T, M)
  • Animation(T, E, A)
  • Paper Science (S, E, A, M)
  • Paint Science (S, E, A, M)
  • Flight Science (S, E)
  • VEX/Snap Circuits (S, T, E, M)
  • VEX Robotics (S, T, E, M)
  • Coding with Bits Box (T, E, A, M)
  • Welding(S, T, E, M)




 STEAM Camp Sponsors: 

Amazon Has Enabled Hundreds of Small Businesses and Created Over 100,000  Jobs Across Its Last Mile Delivery Network              CPASS Foundation Launches Illinois' First Comprehensive STEM Education  Resource Database for Students from Underrepresented Communities 

Course Resources
STEAM Camp Parent Handbook (PDF Document)
STEAM Camp Parent Permission Form (PDF Document)

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