Course Detail: PYTH - Python Programmers

Overview of Training
This training program consists of 3 or 4 college courses, depending on whether or not trainees have prior programming experience. Each course must be completed within 6 months of its start date. This career training program is completely self-paced with instructor support and check-in throughout and allows trainees the flexibility to study as much or as little as their schedule allows - they set their own pace and finish on their own timeline.

Trainees who have sufficient prior experience in computer programming go directly to Python Fundamentals (80 hours) a comprehensive course where they learn Python by solving programming problems of gradually increasing complexity, ranging from simple calculations, working with text strings, loops, conditions, and variables, to file operations and data visualization. This course also teaches fundamentals of Computer Science which every software developer should know.

If, on the other hand, trainees have little or no prior experience with computer programming, then they begin the Python Developer Career Training Program with Introduction to Computer Programming (80 hours). This powerful visual course transforms the way they think. In computer programming, correct algorithmic (computational) thinking is way more important than the knowledge of a particular programming language. This course unlocks their computer programming potential, and makes it easy for them to learn Python.

The Python Developer Career Training continues with Advanced Python (80 hours) where trainees learn object-oriented programming (OOP) and selected advanced concepts including ternary operators, anonymous lambda functions, filters, maps, decorators, JSON, XML, multi-threading and multi-processing, event-driven programming, elements of computing, and basics of working with data.

Finally, the capstone course, Applied Python (80 hours) is a project-based course where trainees learn how to use Github and become proficient in using a Python IDE. They complete several projects under the supervision of an instructor in order to graduate and obtain a career certificate.

Following are detailed syllabuses for each course in the Python Developer Career Training program. The level of detail covered in each of the self-paced interactive courses ensures that trainees are fully qualified to apply for Python Developer job openings.

  • Computational thinking 
  • Logic and problem solving
  • Algorithms and programs 
  • Syntax and code formatting 
  • Loops and conditions
  • Variables and functions
  • Recursion

  • Calculations with Python 
  • Text string operations
  • Loops and conditions
  • Variables and functions
  • Operations with data files 
  • Visualization of data
  • Using Python libraries 
  • Principles of software design 

  • Introduction to OOP
  • Advanced concepts of OOP 
  • Recursion, binary trees
  • Anonymous lambda functions
  • Iterables, iterators, generators
  • Filters and maps decorators
  • JSON and XML 
  • Basics of working with data

  • Using Linux, Vim and Bash
  • Working remotely via ssh
  • Using Git and Github
  • Writing event-driven programs
  • Writing client-server applications
  • Working with Docker images 
  • Creating and using Jupyter notebooks 

Available Sessions