Course Detail: VSIC - Visual Storytelling in Cinema: 3 Films / Rescheduled for Winter 2021

Join Jerome Julian as he returns with a cinematic trip through visual storytelling.

This class will focus in on 3 films that accomplish visual storytelling in a unique way:

1941's Citizen Kane, one of the greatest examples of visual storytelling in the history of cinema; Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, (2016), one of the most ambitious comic book films of all time, translating the comic book page onto film; and Rear Window (1954), perhaps Hitchcock's most visual of films.

Class will dissect the films, sometimes scene by scene, to discover how the director is communicating ideas and meanings via the techniques unique to moviemaking: color, mise en scène, cinematography, semiotics, and sound.

This is a morning class and when paired with an afternoon class qualifies for the second class discount ($45 savings). Enter Promo Code TKE2 during check out.

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