Course Detail: SMIL - Saints in Medieval Islamicate Literature, 1000-1500 A.D. via Zoom / 1-3pm

Knowledge Exchange class leader Judi Wilks continues with this 3rd in a series of stories presented in translation from the three main Islamicate languages - Persian, Turkish, and Arabic - drawn from both high & folk literature.

Differing views of Saints and their roles in society will be seen, and while these stories are drawn from medieval literature, it is hoped that cultural insights will be gained as applicable to present-day situations in the region.

The reduced fee of $55 for this class is line with pandemic times. 
No book is required for this class; several reading selections will be provided by Judi and delivered electronically. 

This is an afternoon class and when paired with a morning class qualifies for the second class discount ($35 savings).  Enter Promo Code TKE2 during check out.

Available Sessions