Course Detail: POMM - SCICBI & Association of Supply Chain Management: Level 1 Principles of Manufacturing Management

SCICBI: Supply Chain Certification 
in Partnership with APICS Body of Knowledge

Level 1: Principles of Manufacturing Management

Time 32 hours (Self Study and Instructor Led).  
Price $1,200
100% Online.  
Prerequisites: None

Student would be awarded "Manufacturing Management" certification upon successful completion. The program will provide learners with the skills to make informed decisions, and the ability to achieve a better level of performance in Manufacturing Management field of study.  Each module consists of 3-4 hours of reading and interactive exams. 


1.(PMM02) Introduction to Manufacturing Management
2.(PMM03) Manufacturing Product Structures 
3.(PMM04) Basics of Material Requirements Planning 
4.(PMM05) Managing with MRP 
5.(PMM07) Capacity Planning & Management 
6.(PMM08) Production Activity Control 
7.(PMM09) Advanced Scheduling 
8.(PMM10) Lean Production Management 

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