Course Detail: CEPD-AIMAFF - Advertising in the Modern Age / In Person - Afternoons, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Over the span of a century, advertising has become an integral and ubiquitous part of our lives.

Join TKE class presenter Jerome Julian and explore how this medium of communication evolved over the past 100 years: the real "Mad" men and women behind some of the most successful ad campaigns; the darker side of targeted social media ads; and the roles that psychology, culture, gender, race, age and technology play in mass marketing.

Using audio-visual and written material, this class will include an historical overview of modern advertising media, discussion and analyses of the linguistic and iconographic content of advertising, as well as the persuasion techniques employed to create our wants, desires, and the needs we didn't know we needed.  NOTE: This is a repeat of Jerome's fall 2018 class.

This is an afternoon class and when paired with a morning class qualifies for the second class discount (a $35 savings).  Enter Promo Code TKE2 during check out.

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