Course Detail: TALI - Trauma Across the Lifespan and Integrated Primary Care- ONLINE

GSU was awarded the BHWET grant to assist in training interns, faculty, and supervisors on trauma across the lifespan with an emphasis on integrated care and working with underrepresented and/or underserved groups. Strong linkages exist among physical illness, chronic disease, mental health problems, and substance abuse; previous trauma underlies many of these problems.  Access to healthcare for these problems is limited for people who reside in HRSA designated primary care and mental health shortage areas. Even when primary care is available, mental health problems and substance abuse often are under-recognized, diagnosed, and treated.  To improve health outcomes, there has been emphasis on integrating behavioral health care within primary care.  However, there is a workforce shortage in addictions and mental health counselors, especially those who are prepared to work within an integrated health care setting.                    

The intent of this training is to introduce people to the importance of assessing and intervening in trauma across the lifespan and the importance of integrated care. Interns, faculty, and supervisors may all participate in this training. For interns, this training may be part of a stipend award given to them in order to help them get more academic and experiential training in trauma across the lifespan and integrated care. For participants who are already licensed, they can earn 40 continuing education hours for completing this training with at least an 80% or better. 

Available Sessions