Course Detail: PSBR - SOAR Based Personal Branding Training


Delivery Method: Online Facilitated Discussion and Activities, Coaching, Group exercise, Case Study, assessment

Schedule: 10 hour course - students will be required to login for one hour per day for 10 working days.

Materials Needed: Pathway Planner assessments access to online platform via computer or smartphone.


This 10 hour transformational personal branding training isdesigned with the intent to develop strategic, visionary personal branding strategies through strategic thinking, and in the context of leveraging the use of a career assessment and a strength based personal branding framework. The first outcome will allow a participant to gain insight into the careers thatthey are a fit for and then provide information about those careers so they can understand the benefits and requirements of that career.  The second outcome is that the participant will then leverage a SOAR based personal branding framework which will allow them to discover their strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results.  Using SOAR for personal branding makes it easier for you to advocate for yourself because you're taking the focus off of "you" and instead thinking about how your brand can help someone else.  Going through the SOAR process shifts your mindset from bragging to illustrating how you can add value to the target you're going toward.  

Throughout the course participants will learn, and apply, systems of dynamic discovery through selected strength focused tools that enhance personal branding skills, fostering applied critical thinking and group-think mitigation.  All discovery builds to the creation of a usable product for the participants to advance new knowledge to support their career development. 

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this experience, participants will:

1. Conduct an initial check to determine strengths and weaknesses.

2.  Review case studies to leverage best practices and lessons learned.

3.  Apply red teaming techniques (liberating structures) to real world scenarios to enhance learning.

4. Participate in exercises that provide an opportunity for feedback and recall of information.

5. Develop a plan of action as a job aide to further enhance awareness, retention, and to be used to advance knowledge in the organization.

6. These learning activities are designed to bring theory to practice, through High Velocity Learning principles, by providing insight into and building competencies in:

A.     Awareness of the power of branding

B.     Have a clear vision for themselves

C.     Take away written insight that can be used for Linkedin / resume

D.     Be able to implement behavior that aligns with learning

Course Resources
SOAR Personal Branding Syllabus (PDF Document)

Available Sessions