Course Detail: LSCS - LSW/LCSW Preparation Course - 2-day Workshop

Governors State University's two-day licensure review course provides 12 hours of intense preparation for the LSW/LCSW exams. This review course uses the most up-to-date examination materials from Licensing ExAm Preparation Services, LLC and reflects the latest diagnostic publication (DSM-5?).  Attendees will receive a comprehensive study guide with current practice questions, test taking strategies, information on what to expect on the day of the exam, as well as reference materials at the end of the study guide.

Course Objectives:

  •         Review of LSW/LCSW Recommended Test Taking Strategies
    •    Best approach to answering the questions
    •    Dissecting the question (use of qualifying words)
    •    How to pace yourself
  •         Theories/Models of Human Growth & Development
    •    Review prominent theories & their unique identifiers
    •    Practice questions
  •         Application of Theory /Concepts
    •   Consider scenarios to select the best intervention strategy based on the theories reviewed  
    •    Lifespan development through adulthood (addiction models, loss & grief, etc.)
  •         Diversity and Social Justice
    •    Culture, race & ethnicity
    •    Sexual orientation, gender identity or expression
    •    Gender issues
    •    Disability
    •    Social/economic justice
  •         Assessment, Intervention, Diagnosis & Treatment
  •         Intervention with Clients Systems / Case Management
  •         Professional Relationships - Values & Ethics
    •    NASW Code of Ethics
    •    Professional Relationships
    •    Legal & Professional Considerations



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