Course Detail: CEPD-LCPCOL - LPC / LCPC Test Prep

The NCE is a computerized exam, comprised of 200 multiple choice questions. Topic areas include: Human Growth and Development, Social and Cultural Foundations, Helping Relationships, Group Work, Career and Lifestyle Development, Appraisal, Research and Program Evaluation, Professional Orientation, and Ethics.
In this self-paced course, participants will work their way through 10 modules which review the concepts required for success on the NCE exam. Modules will include all core areas as well as an overview of the NCE exam and test-taking strategies. Participants will also engage in a pre and post mock exam to experience the format of the exam, assist in measuring progress, and prepare for success. 
This is a review course. Participants are encouraged to spend additional time in study preparation outside of this workshop. This workshop is designed to help counselors approach the exam realistically and confidently by understanding the structure of the exam and the content it attempts to measure. Participants are encouraged to purchase the following text as a supplement to this course for additional study: Rosenthal, H. (2017). Encyclopedia of Counseling (4th ed.). New York: Routledge.

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