The 2021 Kansas Governor's Public Health Conference features nationally-recognized keynote speakers on topics including:The current COVID-19 PandemicImproving school and community cultures to prevent school violence and suicidesLessons learned from disaster response around the worldStrategies to ensure governmental public health is well-prepared for present and future health challenges.In addition, a wide selection of breakout sessions tailored to meet the changing needs of the populations served through public health programs and initiatives are offered.

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The 8th Annual Kansas Healthcare Ethics Conference is structured to stimulate discussion of real-life ethical issues. Healthcare professionals as well as the general public can benefit by joining the discussion at this conference.If you are a physician, nurse, patient, family member, health care worker, social worker, chaplain, or adult care home administrator, you are faced with ethical decisions in health care. Ethical dilemmas can occur in the delivery of health care with decisions about end-of-life care, scarcity of resources, ethnic and diversity issues, honoring religious decisions of patients, and the use of technology in today's health care delivery.This year's conference looks at the new and intensified ethical dilemmas encountered in the face of a once in a lifetime pandemic.

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