T&L 2900: VIR: iPads in Education

There is much that has been said about the iPad and how this technology can make a difference to teaching and the classroom. Its design, functionality and capabilities certainly offer lots of possibilities for the education arena, however how effective is the iPad technology really as a teaching tool?

This course explores how the iPad works and looks at the huge realm of applications; and links the technology with the new "Core Standards" and provides opportunities for teachers taking this course to:

  • Learn how iPads work and also discover the hidden uses of the iPad.
  • Understand how applications can reflect the "Core Standards" and learning outcomes.
  • Learn how to incorporate iPads into your daily lesson plans.
  • Develop the use of iPad applications as an assessment tool.
  • Develop the concept of what an iPad classroom can look like.
  • Appreciate the benefits for students.

This iPad course is different to any other as it not only provides instruction on applications and how to use them; it demonstrates how using the iPad and applications can be implemented into the Core Standards; and then links the Core Standards to classroom content through providing opportunities for practical lesson design and assessment.

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