T&L 2900: VIR: Autism iPad Techniques to Bridge Learning Gaps

Children with autism learn differently and it is the view of many researchers and experts such as Simon Baron-Cohen (2005) and Temple Grandin (2010) that autism is not so much a disease but indeed a difference in learning styles. There is significant research that supports the use of technology for students who are on the Autism Spectrum as a tool to assist their learning outcomes.

In the past eight years of working with students with autism I've discovered students who have distinct learning differences, but despite the difference, students can learn. We just have to find the door in to the way each child's brain works. Technology is a huge game changer for these students and it is important that as educators we use them appropriately. They should not just be used to 'tame' the student who is having a meltdown, or as a 'filler' when students can't keep up with the 'mainstream' work. When used properly, technology and specifically the iPad can bridge the gaps for the students who have learning differences, and can be utilized to differentiate lessons like never before.

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