These courses will review the operation and maintenance skills for Wastewater Treatment & Wastewater Collection Systems. We will prepare you for the Level I & II or Level III & IV Wastewater Exams. We will cover Wastewater Exam Strategies, Sanitary Sewer Volumes, Flow Rates, Velocities and much more. The Math courses cover Math Assessment, Averages, Percentages used in the Wastewater Industry, Calculating Areas & Volumes, Calculator Short Cuts, Arranging Wastewater Formulas, Basic Units used in WW Industry, Applying Dimensional Analysis to WW Collections Systems and more.

March 25-29, 2024, 08:00am, In Person or Online
UCC strives to support local businesses, both large and small, by providing affordable, local trainings with relevant labor law and employee development topics presented by dynamic speakers. These seminars are for all levels of management to broaden skills and knowledge needed in the workplace, from improvement of environment and morale to basic computer abilities.

Friday, May 17, 2024, 08:00am, LANG LOBBY